Palaa SwimWear

Palaa SwimWear is a true American Company that was created by a student of business who always dreamt showing her culture, the valuable work of her people and the high quality in the unique fashions that she designs. Palaa SwimWear produces its fashions in Colombia where they are hand made by women head of households and natives from that country. Our clothes are made with high quality supplies that are worked with delicacy and manufactured by artists that love handcrafts. It is a team that works with love, dedication and passion to offer the best products to please the beauty of the American Women. Palaa inspiration is influenced by the natives and artist from Colombia which shows its marks in the decoration, colors and styles of the fashions. Palaa means sea in the Wayu Native language ​

Palaa SwimWear 
Photographer and retoucher @Johnbreton
Airtyle: Jeison Pico
model: @kategs25  @jenvean
NY 2015
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